Hummingbird Farm
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Homeschool Enrichment

Hummingbird Farm Homeschoolers is a mixed age program offering a wealth of enrichment opportunities for your homeschooled children.  Handwork, crafts, games, music, art and time outdoors are among the many activities incorporated into our program.  Hummingbird Farm fosters the space for the kindling and development of friendships in a school like setting. We do not expressly bring the academic aspects of schooling to the children.  However, it is our feeling that all areas of learning feed one another, so while the children will not have a math class with us they will learn mathematic principles through many of the activities we bring, be it handwork, music or even observations in nature.  In this way it is our hope that what we bring to your children can deepen and harmonize with the work they are completing with you at home

Daily Rhythm:

We feel that it is very important that the children are allowed the space to breathe inwardly throughout the rhythms of their daily activities.  We strive to bring this balance to them by providing them with a range of activities that nourish them as lively and dynamic children as well as thoughtful and reflective individuals. 

Yearly Rhythm:

It is likewise very important to us to foster the sense of wonder and awe that is perceivable through the turning of the year.  We celebrate the seasons and nourish our spirits through the celebration of festivals throughout the year.

Days and Times:

Our program runs from 9 am-1:30 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and follows a typical school calendar.  A lunch period is included in our day. 


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